#PowerToThePerson Interview — CRV’s Max Gazor Chats with Cribl’s Co-Founder and CEO, Clint Sharp

  • Why Clint became an entrepreneur.
  • Who Cribl is hyper focused on these days (IT and security professionals, DevOps, SRE, security threat hunters, people in the security operations center, the network operations center, etc.).
  • The importance of finding the right VC partner early on and some of the kinds of things you may want your investor to be able to help out with. (Hiring executives, navigating the valley, talking to people in later stage investing, how to think about further fundraising, etc.)
  • Some of the qualities we tend to see over here at CRV in iconic founders and companies.
  • Advice I’d give to entrepreneurs meeting me for the first time.
  • When founders ought to start reaching out and discussing funding with VCs.



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